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Why PhDvibe?

PhDvibe is for all academics: Our members are students, researchers, scientists, employers or even employees.

The main aim is to make matches based on location and scientific interests in order to encourage local communication and cooperation. That is our idea of boosting scientific growth with minimal friction.

So PhDvibe has basically 2 functions: 1. We automatically show you matches with a compatibility score (gender is taken into account) - 2. You can search other academics in a certain city or country. Furthermore, we offer all features generally used in every community.

Fun factor included?

Would like to go to any kind of an event and want to randomly meet other students or PhDvibe members? Go ahead and simply post that event you're going to attend! :)

Is PhDvibe only for PhDs?

Definitely NO. All academics, students, undergraduates, graduates and so on are invited to participate.

Only STEM?

Definitely NO! PhDvibe supports all disciplines including humanities and social sciences!

Is Phdvibe free? Yes!

1. We offer a FREE STARTER account to let you find your way and look around with 99% functionality.

2. PhDvibe also lets you participate with a monthly plan for as low as {click here and scroll down}. You then can view profiles for example. This is the only advantage for what we know at the moment :)

Quick Start

You can try ACADEMIA PREMIUM free for 45 days. After signing up, click on UPGRADE, scroll down and select ACADEMIA PREMIUM TRIAL. In addition, every new registrant earns 100 credit points (value USD 20) which can be used for certain features. After the trial period you will be set back to FREE STARTER automatically.

Monthly plan and pricing

You won't be charged unless you select ACADEMIA PREMIUM and proceed with the payment processing. Please select ACADEMIA PREMIUM TRIAL first. After the trial period you will be set back to FREE STARTER automatically. You can continue using the entire functionality in the FREE STARTER mode if your credit point account covers the respective feature! When selecting ACADEMIA PREMIUM you do not depend on credit points.

Who is invited to register and participate?

PhDvibe was built for all academics and affiliates, including students, whether prospective, active or alumni. The absence or presence of any academic degree does not exclude any user.

PhDvibe was primarily built for active researchers of any profession and subject and discipline in order to participate in academic matchmaking and collaboration.

The participating person (also called user or member), company, organization or incorporation must comply with our TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY as found in the footer of this website.

Does PhDvibe provide a downloadable mobile app for Android and iOS?

We are rolling out downloadable mobile apps in the near future. Stay tuned. All registered members will be notified by email.

Support and Help

There is NO SUPPORT or any help during the beta version. If you have any question or hints, feel free to drop us a note on our feedback page or contact us.
Member Roles and Account Types

What are member roles?

We offer 2 member roles:

FREE Starter


Each role grants defined permissions. Click here to check the latest member role permissions.

What is an account type?

By signing up you decide to select your type:

Physical Sciences & Engineering

Biological & Life Sciences

Medical & Health Sciences

Social Sciences and Humanities

What does (W) and (M) mean and what is it for?

By selecting an account type you select your gender:

(W) - 'female'

(M) - 'male'

No member will ever find out what your gender is unless you specify other account types to start interacting with you.

Why (W) or (M)?

It's very easy: If a female researcher decides to interact only with female researchers, this is the way to do so! Her account information will never be shown to (M).

[And no, we are no feminists (; ]: If a female member wants to date only men ... (:

Can I change my account type afterwards?

No. You will need to contact us via the contact form.

Which subjects are assigned to 'Physical Sciences & Engineering'?

Chemical Engineering


Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Engineering and Technology

Robotics and Automation

Energy and Power Engineering

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Production Engineering (CAE/CAPE)

Mathematics and Computational Analysis

Computer Science and Informatics

Physics and Astronomy

Which subjects are assigned to 'Biological & Life Sciences'?

Biological Sciences and Agriculture

Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Immunology and Microbiology


Environmental Science and Technology

Which subjects are assigned to 'Health and Medical Sciences'?

Medicine and Dentistry

Interdisciplinary Medicine


Clinical Nursing

Community Health Nursing and Management

Ambulatory Care Nursing

Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science

Veterinary Science and Medicine

Which subjects are assigned to 'Social Sciences and Humanities'?


Arts and Aesthetics

Social Sciences


Business, Management and Accounting

Decision Sciences

Economics, Econometrics and Finance


I tried to sign up and log in but I was rejected.

Our system prevents spam activity and updates its IP database every day. If you think we are wrong contact us.

What about the code behind each topic and discipline? e.g. [3217]

It's an internal systematization we created and use to find and assign content easier. You may use single codes for own purposes, e.g. classes, lectures, without prior permission.

However, it is necessary to get in contact with us prior to using parts of our subject catalog. You agree when using our site, which is subject to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY as found in the footer of this website.

Upgrade, Trial, Credits & Payment

Am I charged after the trial has expired?

Definitely NO! Your status will be reset to Free Starter, and you will be notified about that. You are in full control of your subscription status and payment. You can even continue using the entire functionality in the FREE STARTER mode if your credit point account covers the respective feature!

Online Payment and Paypal

All transactions and checkouts are processed via Paypal. If we offer another online payment processor we will notify all members via email.

What are credits?

Credits are used to increase the visitors' dynamics and engagement. You can buy credits here.

Visit your dashboard to check your credit balance. Click on 'cost of actions' to check the latest pricing for receiving and losing credits and its actions.

Profile & Preferences

How can I change my profile credentials and information?

Simply click the drop down located in the menu bar and select 'Profile Edit'.

How can I change my preferences?

Simply click the drop down located in the menu bar and select 'My Preferences'.

How can I change my matchmaking preferences?

Simply click the drop down located in the menu bar and select 'Matchmaking Preferences'.

How can I change my mail notifications?

Simply click the drop down located in the menu bar and select 'Mail Notifications'.

How can I change my privacy settings?

Simply click the drop down located in the menu bar and select 'Privacy'.

Which information is mandatory?

All questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Why do I have to provide my location?

PhDvibe is only working properly for you when our matchmaking algorithm is processing your location.

Which location depth is required?

Start by entering your city (village or town). Do not enter your street. Also, PhDvibe does not work properly for you when only providing regional information. We use Google autocomplete which is subject to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY as found in the footer of this website.
Subjects and Disciplines

Arts and Aesthestics

Architecture and Environment [4201]

Arts and Crafts [4202]

Calligraphy [4203]

Ceramics [4204]

Conceptual Arts [4205]

Dance [4206]

Design and Aesthetics [4207]

Drama [4208]

Electronic Media [4209]

Film and Video [4210]

Fine Arts [4211]

Literary Arts [4212]

Martial Arts [4213]

Mosaics [4214]

Music and Sound [4215]

Opera [4216]

Painting and Drawing [4217]

Perfoming Arts [4218]

Photography [4219]

Printmaking [4220]

Sculpture [4221]

Stagecraft [4222]

Structures and Artifacts [4223]

Textiles and Fashion [4224]

Theater [4225]

Visual Arts [4226]

Biochemistry Genetics and Molecular Biology

Aging [2201]

Animal Biochemistry [2202]

Biochemistry [2203]

Biophysics [2204]

Biotechnology [2205]

Cancer Research [2206]

Cell Biology [2207]

Clinical Biochemistry [2208]

Developmental Biology [2209]

Endocrinology and Metabolism [2210]

Enzymology [2211]

Genetics [2212]

Genomics [2213]

Immunology [2214]

Molecular Biology [2215]

Molecular Medicine [2216]

Physiology [2217]

Plant Biochemistry [2218]

Structural Biology [2219]

Biological Sciences and Agriculture

Agricultural Evolution and Behavior and Systematics [2101]

Agricultural Biotechnology and Agritech [2102]

Agricultural Chemistry [2103]

Agricultural Communication [2104]

Agricultural Diversification and Biodiversity [2105]

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness [2106]

Agricultural Education [2107]

Agricultural Engineering [2108]

Agricultural Geography [2109]

Agricultural History [2110]

Agricultural Microbiology [2111]

Agricultural Nematology [2112]

Agricultural Philosophy [2113]

Agricultural Policy [2114]

Agricultural Soil Science [2115]

Agricultural Waste Management and Recycling [2116]

Agroecology and Ecosystems and Agroecosystem Analysis [2117]

Agrology and Agrogeology [2118]

Agronomy and Crop Science [2119]

Agrophysics [2120]

Animal Science and Zoology [2121]

Aquafarming and Aquaculture and Aquatic Science [2122]

Arid-zone Agriculture [2123]

Botany and Plant Science [2124]

Food Science and Nutrition [2125]

Forestry and Gardening and Orchardry [2126]

Horticulture [2127]

Insect Science and Entomology [2128]

Tropical Agriculture [2129]

Business, Management and Accounting

Accounting [4501]

Business and International Management [4502]

Commerce [4503]

Finance [4504]

Industrial and Labour Relations [4505]

Management Information Systems [4506]

Management of Technology and Innovation [4507]

Marketing [4508]

Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management [4509]

Strategy and Management [4510]

Tourism | Leisure and Hospitality Management [4511]

Chemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering [1101]

Bioengineering [1102]

Biomedical Engineering [1103]

Biotechnology [1104]

Catalysis [1105]

Chemical Health and Safety [1106]

Chemical Process Modeling [1107]

Chemical Reaction Engineering [1108]

Chemical Reactor [1109]

Colloid and Surface Chemistry [1110]

Crystallization Processes [1111]

Distillation Design [1112]

Filtration and Separation [1113]

Fluid Dynamics and Transfer Processes [1114]

Food Engineering [1115]

Membrane Processes [1116]

Microfluidics [1117]

Natural Environment [1118]

Process Chemistry and Technology [1119]

Pulp and Paper [1120]

Semiconductors [1121]

Separation Processes [1122]

Transport Phenomena [1123]

Unit Operations [1124]


Analytical Chemistry [1125]

Electrochemistry [1126]

Inorganic Chemistry [1127]

Organic Chemistry [1128]

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry [1129]

Spectroscopy [1130]

Computer Science and Informatics

Algorithms and Data Structures [1344]

Artificial Intelligence [1345]

Cloud Computing and Clustering [1346]

Computational Theory and Mathematics [1347]

Computer Graphics and Image Processing [1348]

Computer Networks and Communications [1349]

Computer Science Applications [1350]

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition [1351]

Concurrent and Parallel and Distributed Systems [1352]

Data Mining [1353]

Databases [1354]

GPU VPU Computing [1355]

Hardware and Architecture [1356]

High Dimensional Data [1357]

High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Supercomputing [1358]

Human-Computer Interaction [1359]

Information Systems [1360]

Open Source Software [1361]

Operating Systems [1362]

Programming Languages and Compilers [1363]

Security [1364]

Signal Processing [1365]

Software Engineering [1366]

Web Programming and Web Design [1367]

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Production Engineering

Combustion and Turbulence Models [1301]

Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) [1302]

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Aerodynamics [1303]

Computational Materials Science [1304]

Computational Mechanics [1305]

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) [1306]

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) [1307]

Computer Representation of Surfaces [1380]

Discretization Methods (FEA/FVA/FEM) [1390]

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) [1310]

Multibody Dynamics (MBD) and Kinematics [1311]

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) [1312]

Preprocessing and Meshing [1313]

Solving and Postprocessing [1314]

Stress–Strain Analysis [1315]

Virtual Prototyping [1316]

Decision Sciences

Dempster–Shafer Theory [4601]

Fuzzy Logic [4602]

General Criticism [4603]

Heuristics [4604]

Info-gap Decision Theory [4605]

Information Systems and Management [4606]

Management Science and Operations Research [4607]

Non-probabilistic Rules [4608]

Possibility Theory [4609]

Probabilistic Decision Theory [4610]

Quantum Cognition [4611]

Statistics | Probability and Uncertainty [4612]

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Aerospace Engineering [1256]

Astronautics [1257]

Astronomy [1258]

Atmospheric Science and Meteorology [1259]

Computers in Earth Sciences [1260]

Cosmochemistry [1261]

Earth-Surface Processes and Soil Science [1262]

Economic Geology [1263]

Environmental Science[1264]

Geochemistry and Petrology [1265]

Geography [1266]

Geoinformatics [1267]


Geological Modelling and Geomorphology [1269]

Geophysics [1270]

Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology [1271]

Glaciology [1272]

Mineralogy [1273]

Mining Geology[1274]

Oceanography [1275]

Palaeontology [1276]

Petroleum Geology [1277]

Planetary Astronomy[1278]

Planetary Geology [1279]

Sedimentology [1280]

Space and Planetary Science [1281]

Space Exploration [1282]

Stratigraphy [1283]

Volcanology [1284]

Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Banking and Financial Institutions [4701]

Commerce [4702]

Competition | Mergers and Acquisitions [4703]

Constraint Finance [4704]

Consumption [4705]

Corporate Finance [4706]

Distribution [4707]

Economic Forces and Measures [4708]

Economic Policy [4709]

Economic Theory and Ideologies [4710]

Economics Organizations [4711]

Employment and Economic Participants [4712]

Entrepreneurship [4713]

Export and Import [4714]

Financial Regulation [4715]

General Economic Concepts [4716]

Government Spending and Economic Politics [4717]

Infrastructure [4718]

Insurance [4719]

Investment Management [4720]

Markets [4721]

Mathematics and Finance [4722]

Money and Raising Capital [4723]

Personal Finance [4724]

Pricing and Valuation [4725]

Production [4726]

Resources and Resource Management [4727]

Trade [4728]

Energy and Power

Bioenergy [1248]

Fuel Technology [1249]

Geothermal Power [1250]

Hydropower [1251]

Nuclear Energy and Engineering and Reactor Technology [1252]

Renewable Energy | Sustainability and the Environment [1253]

Solar Power [1254]

Wind Power [1255]

Engineering and Technology

Aerodynamics and Aviation [1201]

Aerospace Engineering [1202]

Automotive Engineering [1203]

Biomedical Engineering [1204]

Building Services Engineering and Architecture [1205]

Civil and Structural Engineering [1206]

Control and Systems Engineering [1207]

Electrical and Electronic Engineering [1208]

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering [1209]

Mechanical Engineering [1210]

Mechanics of Materials [1211]

Mechatronics Engineering [1212]

Military Engineering [1213]

Nanoengineering [1214]

Ocean Engineering [1215]

Petroleum Engineering [1216]

Prototyping [1217]

Railway Engineering [1218]

Safety and Reliability and Quality [1219]

Environmental Science and Technology

Atmospheric Sciences [2301]

Ecological Modelling [2302]

Ecology [2303]

Environmental Chemistry [2304]

Environmental Engineering [2305]

Environmental Geology [2306]

Environmental Soil Science [2307]

Global and Planetary Change [2308]

Health and Toxicology and Mutagenesis [2309]

Management | Monitoring | Policy and Law [2310]

Nature and Landscape Conservation [2311]

Oceanography [2312]

Pollution [2313]

Waste Management and Disposal [2314]

Water Science and Technology and Hydrology [2315]

Medicine and Dentistry

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine [3101]

Biomedical Engineering [3102]

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine [3103]

Complementary and Alternative Medicine [3104]

Conservation Medicine [3105]

Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine [3106]

Dentistry and Oral Medicine [3107]

Dermatology [3108]

Endocrinology and Diabetes and Metabolism [3109]

Gastroenterology [3110]

Geriatrics and Gerontology [3111]

Hematology [3112]

Hepatology [3113]

Immunology and Allergology and Rheumatology [3114]

Infectious Diseases [3115]

Nephrology [3116]

Neurology (Clinical) [3117]

Oncology [3118]

Ophthalmology [3119]

Otolaryngology and Otorhinolaryngology [3120]

Pain Management and Algiatry [3121]

Pathology and Medical Technology [3122]

Pediatrics and Perinatology and Child Health [3123]

Psychiatry and Mental Health [3124]

Pulmonology and Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine [3125]

Radiology and Imaging [3126]

Interdisciplinary Medicine

Addiction Medicine [3201]

Aerospace Medicine [3202]

Medical Ethics [3203]

Medical Humanities [3204]

Medical Informatics | Medical Computer Science and eHealth [3205]

Disaster Medicine [3206]

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine [3207]

Emergency Medicine [3208]

Evolutionary Medicine [3209]

Family Medicine and General Practice [3210]

Forensic Medicine [3211]

Gender-based Medicine [3212]

Hospice and Palliative Medicine [3213]

Laser Medicine [3214]

Nosology and Nosokinetics [3215]

Occupational Medicine [3216]

Pharmacogenomics [3217]

Pharmacology (Clinical) [3218]

Podiatric Medicine [3219]

Public Health and Health Policy [3220]

Sexual Medicine [3221]

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation [3222]

Travel Medicine and Emporiatrics [3223]

Tropical Medicine [3224]

Urgent Care [3225]

Wilderness Medicine [3226]


Academic Surgery [3301]

Cardiothoracic Surgery [3302]

Colon and Rectal Surgery [3303]

Computer Integrated Surgery [3304]

Craniofacial Surgery [3305]

Dental and Oral Surgery [3306]

General Surgery [3307]

Gynecologic Oncology [3308]

Laparoscopic Surgery [3309]

Neurosurgery and Neurological Surgery [3310]

Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women's Health [3311]

Ophthalmic Surgery [3312]

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery [3313]

Orthopedics and Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery [3314]

Otolaryngology (Surgical ENT) [3315]

Paediatric or Pediatric Surgery [3316]

Plastic Surgery [3317]

Surgical Oncology [3318]

Transplantation and Transplant Surgery [3319]

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery [3320]

Urology [3321]

Vascular Surgery [3322]


Ancient History [4101]

Archaeology [4102]

Archontology [4103]

Art History [4104]

Chronology [4105]

Codicology [4106]

Cultural History [4107]

Diplomatics [4108]

Economic History | Economics and Cliometrics [4109]

Environmental History [4110]

Epigraphy [4111]

Futurology [4112]

Military History and Faleristics [4113]

Modern Age and History [4114]

Numismatics [4115]

Onomastics [4116]

Paleography [4117]

Philately [4118]

Philology [4119]

Postclassical Age and History (Middle Ages) [4120]

Pre-Columbian [4121]

Prehistoric Ages and History [4122]

Prosopography [4123]

Renaissance [4124]

Toponymy [4125]

World History [4126]

Immunology and Microbiology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology [2401]

Bacteriology [2402]

Cytology [2403]

Immunology [2404]

Microbiology [2405]

Mycology [2406]

Nematology [2407]

Parasitology [2408]

Phycology and Algology [2409]

Protozoology [2410]

Pure Microbiology [2411]

Virology [2412]


Administrative Law [4401]

Admiralty Law and the Law of the Sea [4402]

Banking Law and Financial Regulation [4403]

Civil Law and Procedure [4404]

Commercial | Tax and Transactional Law [4405]

Common Law | Equity and Trusts [4406]

Company and Corporate Law [4407]

Competition Law [4408]

Constitutional and Administrative Law [4409]

Consumer Law | Protection and Restitution [4410]

Contract Law [4411]

Criminal Law and Procedure [4412]

Ecommerce Law [4413]

Evidence Law [4414]

Executive [4415]

Family Law [4416]

Federal and State Law [4417]

Human and Civil Rights [4418]

Immigration and Nationality Law [4419]

Intellectual Property Law [4420]

Judiciary [4421]

Labour Law [4422]

Property Law [4423]

Public Interest Law [4424]

Religious Law [4425]

Social Security [4426]

Substantive Law and Adjectival Law [4427]

Tort Law [4428]

Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Aerogel [1131]

Biomaterials [1132]

Ceramics and Glasses [1133]

Composite Materials [1134]

Electronic Materials [1135]

Femtotechnology and Picotechnology [1136]

Fullerene [1137]

Graphene [1138]

High-Temperature Superconductivity [1139]

MEMS [1140]

Optical Materials [1141]

Magnetic Materials [1142]

Materials Chemistry [1143]

Metals and Alloys [1144]

Metamaterials [1145]

Nanotechnology [1146]

Polymers and Plastics [1147]

Silicene [1148]

Surfaces and Coatings and Films [1149]

Mathematics and Computational Analysis

Algebra and Number Theory [1317]

Analysis [1318]

Calculus [1319]

Chaos theory [1320]

Differential Equations [1321]

Differential Geometry [1322]

Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics [1323]

Dynamical Systems [1324]

Financial Mathematics [1325]

Foundations and Philosophy [1326]

Fractal Geometry [1327]

Game Theory [1328]

Geometry [1329]

Information Theory [1330]

Mathematical Biology [1331]

Mathematical Economics [1332]

Mathematical Fluid Dynamics [1333]

Mathematical Logic [1334]

Mathematical Optimization and Control Theory [1335]

Modelling and Simulation [1336]

Operations Research [1337]

Probability [1338]

Statistics [1339]

Structure [1340]

Topology [1341]

Trigonometry [1342]

Vector Calculus [1343]


Affective Neuroscience [2501]

Behavioral Neuroscience [2502]

Biological Psychiatry [2503]

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience [2504]

Clinical Neuroscience [2505]

Cognitive Neuroscience [2506]

Computational Neuroscience [2507]

Cultural Neuroscience [2508]

Developmental Neuroscience [2509]

Endocrine and Autonomic Systems [2510]

Evolutionary Neuroscience [2511]

Neurology [2512]

Neuroengineering [2513]

Neuroethology [2514]

Neuroheuristics [2515]

Neuroimaging [2516]

Neuroinformatics [2517]

Neurolinguistics [2518]

Neurophysics [2519]

Neurophysiology [2520]

Neuropsychology [2521]

Paleoneurology [2522]

Sensory Systems [2523]

Social Neuroscience [2524]

Systems Neuroscience [2525]

Clinical Nursing

Burn Nursing [3401]

Cardiac Intervention Nursing [3402]

Correctional Nursing [3403]

Critical Care Nursing [3404]

Dental Nursing [3405]

Emergency Nursing and Rescue [3406]

Gastroenterology Nursing [3407]

Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing [3408]

Hyperbaric Nursing [3409]

Military and Uniformed Services Nursing [3410]

Neonatal Nursing [3411]

Neurosurgical Nursing [3412]

Obstetrical Nursing [3413]

Oncology Nursing [3414]

Orthopaedic Nursing and Manual Therapy [3415]

Pediatric Nursing [3416]

Perianesthesia Nursing [3417]

Perioperative Nursing [3418]

Pulmonary Nursing [3419]

Radiology Nursing and Radiography [3420]

Renal Nursing [3421]

Sub-acute Nursing [3422]

Surgical Nursing [3423]

Transplantation Nursing [3424]

Urology Nursing [3425]

Community Health Nursing and Management

Community and Public Health Nursing [3501]

Environmental Health Nursing [3502]

Faith Community Nursing [3503]

Holistic Nursing [3504]

Infection Control Nursing [3505]

Legal Nursing [3506]

Maternal-child Nursing [3507]

Medical Case Management [3508]

Nursing Informatics [3509]

Nursing (Utilization) Management [3510]

Nutrition [3511]

Primary Care [3512]

Private Duty Nursing [3513]

Quality Improvement [3514]

Research Nursing [3515]

School Nursing [3516]

Ambulatory Care Nursing

Advanced Practice Nursing [3601]

Ambulatory Care Nursing [3602]

Camp Nursing [3603]

Flight Nursing [3604]

Forensic Nursing [3605]

Geriatric Nursing [3606]

Health Visiting [3607]

Home Health Nursing [3608]

Immunology and Allergy Nursing [3609]

Infectious Disease Nursing [3610]

Intravenous Therapy Nursing [3611]

Midwifery [3612]

Occupational Health Nursing and Therapy [3613]

Optometry [3614]

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation [3615]

Podiatry [3616]

Space Nursing [3617]

Sport Sciences, Therapy and Medicine [3618]

Substance Abuse Nursing [3619]

Telephone Triage and TeleNursing [3620]

Travel Nursing [3621]

WOC Nursing (Wound Care | Ostomy Nursing | Continence) [3622]

Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science

Behavioral Pharmacology and Ethnopharmacology [3701]

Cardiovascular Pharmacology [3702]

Dental Pharmacology [3703]

Drug Discovery [3704]

Environmental Pharmacology [3705]

Neuropharmacology [3706]

Pharmaceutical Science [3707]

Pharmacoepidemiology [3708]

Pharmacogenetics [3709]

Pharmacogenomics [3710]

Pharmacognosy [3711]

Pharmacology [3712]

Posology [3713]

Psychopharmacology [3714]

Systems Pharmacology [3715]

Theoretical Pharmacology [3716]

Toxicology [3717]

Physics and Astronomy

Acoustics and Ultrasonics [1401]

Analytical Mechanics [1402]

Astronomy [1403]

Astrophysics and Gravitation [1404]

Atomic | Molecular | Optical Physics [1405]

Biomechanics [1406]

Biophysics (Medical Physics | Neurophysics) [1407]

Chemical Physics [1408]

Classical Mechanics [1409]

Computational Physics [1410]

Condensed Matter Physics [1411]

Continuum Mechanics [1412]

Cryogenics [1413]

Econophysics [1414]

Electromagnetism [1415]

Fluid Mechanics [1416]

Materials Physics | Surfaces and Interfaces [1417]

Nuclear and High Energy Physics and Radiation [1418]

Optics [1419]

Particle Physics [1420]

Plasma Physics [1421]

Psychophysics [1422]

Quantum Mechanics [1423]

Relativity [1424]

Solid State Physics [1425]

Statistical and Nonlinear Physics [1426]

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics [1427]

Thermodynamics [1428]


Abnormal Psychology [4801]

Analytical Psychology [4802]

Behaviorism | Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Genetics [4803]

Cognitivism | Cognitive and Experimental Psychology [4804]

Comparative Psychology [4805]

Critical Psychology [4806]

Depth Psychology [4807]

Descriptive Psychology [4808]

Differential Psychology [4809]

Ecological Systems Theory [4810]

Ego Psychology and Psychology of Self [4811]

Enactivism [4812]

Existential Psychology [4813]

Functional Psychology [4814]

Gestalt Psychology [4815]

Individual Differences and Psychology [4816]

Industrial and Organizational Psychology [4817]

Intelligence [4818]

Moral Psychology [4819]

Phenomenological Psychology [4820]

Positive Psychology [4821]

Psychoanalysis [4822]

Psychology of Aesthetics | Creativity | Arts [4823]

Psychology of Science [4824]

Psychoneuroimmunology [4825]

Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse [4826]

Structuralism [4827]

Transactional Analysis [4828]

Transpersonal Psychology [4829]

Robotics and Automation

Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Drones [1220]

Anthrobotics [1221]

Artificial Neural Networks [1222]

Autonomous Research Robotics [1223]

BEAM Robotics [1224]

Behavior-Based Robotics (BBAI) [1225]

Biomimetic and Bionics [1226]

Biomorphic Robotics [1227]

Biorobotics [1228]

Cloud Robotics [1229]

Clustering and Swarm Robotics [1230]

Cognitive Robotics [1231]

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) [1232]

Developmental Robotics [1233]

Electronic Stability Control [1234]

Evolutionary Computation and Robotics [1235]

Extended Kalman Filter [1236]

Kinematics and Motion and Sensors [1237]

Laboratory Robotics [1238]

Manifold Learning and Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction (NLDR) [1239]

Microrobotics [1240]

Nanorobotics [1241]

Rapid Prototyping [1242]

Reinforcement Learning [1243]

Robot Learning [1244]

Robot Locomotion [1245]

Robotic Surgery [1246]

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping [1256]

Social Sciences

Anthropology [4301]

Archaeology [4302]

Classics [4303]

Communication | Cultural and Media Studies [4304]

Development [4305]

Education [4306]

Geography | Planning and Development [4307]

Health [4308]

Human Factors and Ergonomics [4309]

Languages and Linguistics [4310]

Library and Information Sciences [4311]

Linguistics and Language [4312]

Literature [4313]

Philosophy [4314]

Safety Research [4315]

Sociology and Political Sciences [4316]

Theology and Religious Studies [4317]

Transportation [4318]

Veterinary Medicine

Anesthesiology [3801]

Animal Behavior [3802]

Animal Importation [3803]

Animal Training [3804]

Clinical Pharmacology [3805]

Companion Animal Practice [3806]

Dentistry [3807]

Dermatology [3808]

Emergency and Critical Care [3809]

Exotic Animal Practice [3810]

Food and Drug Administration [3811]

Food Animal Practice and Nutrition [3812]

Food Inspection and Safety [3813]

Internal Medicine [3814]

Laboratory Animal Medicine [3815]

Marine Biology [3816]

Microbiology [3817]

Ophthalmology [3818]

Pathology [3819]

Poultry Medicine [3820]

Preventive Medicine [3821]

Product Development and Sales [3822]

Public Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) [3823]

Radiology [3824]

Research [3825]

Surgery [3826]

Theriogenology [3827]

Toxicology [3828]

Veterinary Nursing [3829]

Zoological and Wildlife Medicine [3830]

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